2-in-1 car charger with connection via USB / cigarette lighter


2-in-1 car charger connection via USB / cigarette lighter

Who could ever have thought the cigarette lighter in the car could become so important? Of course you sometimes want to use it for your navigation system. But probably you or one of your passengers also wants to charge a device. This  car charger of the wholesaler is 2 in 1. It allows you to use the cigarette lighter for multiple items. For example, using a navigation system, the charger can be used for a smartphone or tablet too. But you can of course also connect a different charger so you can even charge multiple devices at once.

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So, the cigarette lighter in your car suddenly becomes a handy tool to make sure you and others never arrive with an empty battery at the destination. In our busy society today we use the smartphone and tablet almost continually and a handy charger which can be connected to the cigarette lighter of the car, is really the answer. With the car charger from our wholesale, you are prepared for any trip. Give it a fixed place in your vehicle to never lose it. All devices which can be charged via USB can easily be connected to this car charger. Handy, because you never have to search for a charger again.

Specifications of the car charger from our wholesale

This car charger makes it easy to connect to your car's cigarette lighter. Of course, there are two USB ports available. This way you can not only charge your smartphone, but still use your navigation system too. Or even charge your tablet at the same time.

  • 2 USB ports
  • Cigarette lighter socket
  • Input from 12 to 24 V
  • Output of 5 V
  • Colour: white
  • Easy to connect
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