3-in-1 USB charger for on-the-go


3-in-1 USB charger for on-the-go

With this USB charger you will be well prepared to go out. You know the problem , you're on your way and suddenly you see your smartphone's battery is virtually empty. Unfortunately, you do not have a suitable charger at hand. Hoewever with this 3-in-1 USB charger from our wholesale, you always have. The model is not only suitable for standard power outlets, but it can be used  as a car charger also. Additionally, it recharges really fast, giving  you in a convenient phone within no time.

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This USB charger is 3-in-1 and thus multifunctional in use. With this car charger, you can also make sure that you or your passengers can recharge the battery of their electronic devices. This will ensure that everything is ready for use at the place of destination. Today, it's really a necessity to be able to charge your equipment everywhere. This 3 in 1 auto car charger ensures that you never will be  without a charged smartphone or other necessary means of communication when it's really needed. This car charger has a modern design and it really stands out. You' will be happy with this accessory!

Specifications of the USB charger from our wholesale

With this USB charger from our wholesale, you can now charge your smartphone anywhere. It has a regular plug and car charger, which always makes the right connection. The cable is designed to charge your phone or tablet extra fast, so your device will almost always be fully charged when you arrive on location.

  • Made of PC
  • Input of 12-24 V
  • Output of 5 V
  • Compact format
  • Ideal for on the road
  • Suitable for micro USB
  • Trendy design
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