360 degree camera with Dual Lens


360 degree camera - Dual Lens

This 360 degree camera with dual lens gives you the ability to create incredibly beautiful, panoramic images. The two lenses of this action camera are perfectly merged into one image. Spectacular images of your adventures with the action camera to be even more exciting with a panoramic background. But also to make your holiday destination images, this camera with dual lens is extremely suitable. Let people that are staying at home enjoy of grand vistas and breathtaking nature. Who does not want an action cam with so much depth?

Order the 360 degree camera now in our wholesale

It is also possible to use the camera for business use during meetings. So you have video and audio of all participants for the archive. Practical and efficient using a camera with double lens. In addition, you can use the 360 degree camera from our wholesale excellent when you confirm it to a drone. Panorama aerial images are often even more impressive! You can also record videos to play with VR glasses. A 360 degree camera will have even more dimension with the possibility to pick up an image of 360 degrees.

Specifications of the 360 degree camera from our wholesale

This 360-degree camera from our wholesale can be used in many ways and you are able to create beautiful images. Whether for culture, nature or sports for example, the panoramic images are always beautiful. Do you want to know more about this action cam from our wholesale? Some specifications at a glance:

    • Max SD Capacity: 32GB
    • Lithium-ion battery 1500 mAh
    • 1920 x 1080 30 FPS P
    • Double lens
    • VR option
    • In many ways used
    • The best 360 images
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