360 degree camera: ideal for panoramic shots


360 degree camera: ideal for panoramic shots

Beautiful panoramic images, which is what you can achieve with a 360 degree camera from our wholesale. Enjoy your extra hikes and vacations because you can capture the panoramic. This 360 degree camera is of course ideal for the adventurer who wants to be even better action footage. Thats why its attached accessories suitable to take pictures in any kind of terrain, including water. For lovers of impressive landscapes, this 360 degree camera an outcome. With the panorama images you can show your family and friends how you can experience the area. Of course, this panorama camera is also ideally suited to what the experiment with depth in 'normal' recordings.

360 degree camera to Order in wholesale

This 360-degree camera makes it possible to create funny or special effects with depth in your images. Make a film about home and garden suddenly a special event. The 360 degree camera can also be used for VR. This allows you to make the most beautiful panoramic images that you play through your VR glasses. That way, the panorama shots even more effective! The model is protected by a waterproof case. This makes it possible to shoot under water up to 30 meters. Also at the snorkeling and scuba diving, this camera can produce very nice images!

Specifications of the 360 degree camera from our wholesale

With this 360 degree camera from our wholesale make you the most impressive panorama images. You do not just use it while mountain biking or during holidays, but also in other cases. So you keep the best memories for later. The specifications of this model:

    • Support for VR
    • 360 x 220 degrees
    • Memory card support: 64 G
    • Waterproof
    • HDMI 1.4
    • 4K 2448 x 2448 Ultra HD
    • Battery capacity of 1200 mAh
    • USB 2.0
    • Support for Wi-Fi
  • EAN: 8719244535385 
    SKU: K032
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