4 brush - Suitable for Oral-B

4 Brush - Dual Clean - Suitable for Oral-B
4 Brush and set pieces - Dual Clean - Suitable for Oral-B - Now on sale at our wholesale.

It is very important to every three or four months to change the toothbrush according to dentists. Because after this period a toothbrush not as thorough as in the beginning and polished he no longer optimal.
The same is true for both the brushes and the set pieces. This brush and set pieces need to be replaced regularly to clean the teeth still full and thorough. If they are not replaced can not guarantee in advance that they are doing their job and hold an inferior oral hygiene into the game.

Features of the Oral B Dual Clean design pieces and brush (New in our wholesale:
- This toothbrush and associated attachments that clean two times better than a manual toothbrush
- This set pieces of the brush head Dual Clean Oral B provide a fresher mouth, better oral hygiene and gum further care
- This toothbrush can even reach all the difficult places and thus guarantee optimal dental care
- This toothbrush removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush
- Less bleeding gums by gentle and thorough cleaning thanks to this brush heads Dual Clean Oral-B (now a 4th available from our wholesalers)

Get your benefit package with four brush and opzetstukjes- DUAL Clean - Suitable for Oral-B sales in our wholesale.

This brush and associated attachments that are available every four to our wholesale and in order to avoid them becoming a one or two should buy this wholesale. Thus, you are always a spare for when you need to replace your brush head. You can follow this simple order through our wholesaler and can be delivered immediately.

This set-pieces and brushes DUAL CLEAN (Now a fourth available in our wholesale) can be used for any Oral B electric toothbrush except for Sonic and the Croos Action.
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