A screwdriver set for precision work


A screwdriver set for precision work

This screwdriver set with attachments is made for precision work, for example if you are repairing your smartphone, tablet or other electronics. This screwdriver set consists of a handle with a plastic handgrip which is firm and slip proof. This set consists of 16 attachments, which also are easy to attach on the magnetic handle. Because in electronics they usually use different bolts this screwdriver set consist of attachments for crosshead screws, flat screw and screws with a Torx-head. You will also find a special Tri Wing attachment for screw that are mainly used by Nintendo.

Order the screwdriver set now in our wholesale

With this screwdriver set with attachments from our wholesale you can handle every precocious job using the most effective way. The attachments are made of 45#-steel which is now for its stiffness. So this screwdriver set is an investment for a long time. The chance that your attachments will wear out is really small. You can repair whatever you want, your smartphone, your Nintendo Wii or any electronic device, you will do it neatly and safely. We thought of ease of use. The handle is magnetic and thereby you can change the attachments easily where after they will remain stable.

Specifications of the screwdriver set from our wholesale

With this handy screwdriver set with attachments you can handle every precocious job. Order it quickly at our wholesale and start working!

  • 16 parts
  • Handle with a length of 88 mm
  • Five Torx-attachments in the sizes T5, T6, T7, T8 and T10
  • Three attachments with crossheads which are according to Phillips in the sizes PH00, PH0 and PH1
  • Two attachments for flat screws of 2 mm and 3 mm
  • Tri Wing attachment with a triangular head
  • Attachment with J-head (2-3 mm)
  • Attachment with U-head (2,5-4 mm)
  • Attachment with pointy tip
  • Adjusting screw
  • In a transparent plastic box
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