Action camera with wide-angle lens / action cam similar to GoPro


Action camera with wide-angle lens / action cam similar to GoPro

Make the best action shots with the original Eken H9 4K video from our wholesale. The action cam is easy to operate via the two buttons on the side. Through the clear screen of 2 inches you can get a good impression of the recordings that you have created in the remote mode. Videos with cam action is becoming increasingly popular and that is quite understandable. Thanks to the special lens of this action camera images are sharp and spectacular.

Action camera in order wholesale

The most beautiful things you often do it while exercising. Whether it is above or below water, the images are often breathtaking. The action camera from our wholesale you can share this experience with others. The action camera can be up to 30 meters underwater, so you can capture brilliant images while diving. Also, you can take it with you carelessly while waterskying or surfing. Through the app you can use the created video or photo ‰ ‰ Ûªs Ûªs send to your phone, so you can share directly to the social media. Because a memory card of up to 32GB in action cam can, it is an ideal camera for holidays for example.

Specifications of the action camera from our wholesale

The action camera from our wholesale is suitable for both above and below water, allowing many applications are possible. We put the main business of this action cam happy moment for you at a glance:

  • Memory card support 32GB
  • 12 megapixels
  • 101-150 g
  • Screen 2 inch
  • Wide-angle of 170 degrees
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • 1050 mAh battery
  • 1080P / 30fps
  • Support for wifi
  • With charger
  • Various Functions
  • Waterproof
  • Available in silver and black
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