Activity Tracker


Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker Pedo Meter is a smart bracelet with bluetooth. It is a handy gadget to live healthily because this device is your personal assistant that. Healthy living is important, but can also be tricky. Therefore, you can always use some help. The pedo meter smart bracelet watch is equipped with Bluetooth and works with a smartphone that runs on Android or iOS.

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You can use the Pedo meter smart bracelet watch as a pedometer so you can see how much you've walked and precise, more importantly, how many calories you burn you while walking. The pedometer also keeps the distances at which you walk. In short, a very useful gadget that anyone can help you. Hence we have a huge stock in our wholesale.

In addition, the pedo meters can also measure your sleep patterns. So this handy device not only measures such as how long you sleep, but also how well or poorly you sleep. Finally, make smart bracelet watch you wake up when you have enough sleep. He can even also remind you again when needed sleep!

Thus the Activity Tracker pedo meters can also help to indicate when you should drink, drink enough ie part of a healthy lifestyle. You also get notified when it is time to rest or when you for example that one call must commit yet.


Specifications of the Activity Tracker from our wholesale  

The battery life is up to 7 days in standby mode.

Recharging takes only two hours.

The Activity Tracker is waterproof.

Is made of rubber.

Sit comfortably.

The Activity Tracker Features

Step counter

sleep Meter

Health Meter

Calorie consumption meter

Incoming call notification

Anti-lost system

time Display


Software updates

Shake photographing

data Share

Sync contacts

synchronized data

Our wholesale offers this perfect gadget lets you start living healthier, more aware of your lifestyle and that you can lose weight. A personal assistant that helps you on your way to a better and healthier life!

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