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to train your dog barking

Of course you do not want others to suffer nuisance barking of your dog. A dog is excellent training for unnecessary barking with the anti bark collar from wholesalers. Of interest here is that you have a remote control, which you can turn on the anti-bark collar at a great distance, so you can perform at any time.

Ordering an anti-bark collar in wholesale

A barking dog is trouble to train as its owner using the correct resources. The anti-bark collar from our wholesale will ensure that your dog knows when he can or can not bark. A barking dog can cause a lot of inconvenience and problems in the area, so train your dog timely also for the benefit of others. The anti-bark collar works with static electricity and thus gives the dog a signal that he should stop barking. This is not painful or bad for the dog, it only serves as a warning. Depending on the size of the dog can be adjusted, the intensity of the signal. A barking dog should be corrected immediately to make them understand the animal when the barking is undesirable. Therefore, the anti-bark collar is from our wholesaler with a transmitter that has a range of 300 meters. This makes it possible to switch on the tape at any time when the barking dog needs to be corrected.

The features of the anti-bark collar from our wholesale

The anti-bark collar comes as a complete kit and includes the following components: one transmitter with indicator light, adjustable anti-bark collar, two long and two short antenn, two AAA batteries, two batteries 6V 4LR44 and a user manual. The features are:

  • Suitable for dogs of 5 to 60 kg
  • 100 different levels of static electricity
  • Range up to 300 m
  • Compact, ergonomic transmitter
  • Band adjustable from 25 to 55 cm
  • Robust and human

Do you soon Start training your dog?

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