Apple bracelet / Charging Cable


Apple bracelet / Charging Cable

Often the battery of your smartphone is just empty again at the wrong time. And a charging cable forget to take your most often or you'll lose again. The solution is this Apple bracelet. It is a charging cable, but looks like a nice bracelet. This is particularly effective because you will remember to take your charging cable more easily if you can wear it like an ornament and won't lose it again. The charging cable from the wholesaler can be used for various Apple models. Did you see the different colors?

Order the Apple bracelet now in our wholesale

The Apple bracelet from our wholesaler features an 8 pin USB cable and has a length of 20 cm. The bracelet is available in various colors so that no misunderstanding may exist which bracelet is whom. In addition, you can also choose a color in a way which matches with your favorite outfits, so you still look good when you go out. With this charging cable, you always have the opportunity to recharge your smartphone quickly and efficiently, and you get a funny bracelet too. The silver detail at the center of the charging cable provides an additional accent. Surely with this bracelet you can be another Apple user of assistance.

Specifications of the Apple bracelet from our wholesale

Would you like to have available a convenient charging cable anywhere you go? With this Apple bracelet from our wholesale company you also will make a fashion statement. The model is perfect for your iPhone, iPod or iPad as a fast recharging tool. The 8-pin USB output allows you to connect easily with different equipment.

  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and 6, 5 and iPod Touch Nano 7, iPad Mini and Air
  • Cable of 20 cm long
  • 8-pin USB output
  • Available in pink, gray, blue and black
  • With silver detail
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