Auto organizer with handy tablet holder


Auto organizer with handy tablet holder

To make a car ride seem a little shorter this tablet holder is ideal for children. So they can look at ease to their favourite (cartoon) films and have you have nothing to worry about. That makes driving suddenly much more relaxed because you do not have to worry about what happens behind your back with sometimes overactive children. This tablet holder from our wholesale offers you more convenience. Indeed, it is simultaneously an organizer. No more trailing matters in your car, everything finds its place in this large bag under the tablet holder

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Of course, this seat organizer is easy to apply and remove in almost any car seat. With this handy multi-function item you will not only keep the kids busy, but also clear the car and you can find everything in no time. The tablet container is made of sturdy plastic and gives your precious device adequate protection. The layout of the organizer / bag is so efficient that you find anything fairly easy. The neutral colour fits this model in the interior of any car. The car organizer with tablet holder is also easy to clean.

Specifications of the car organizer from our wholesale

The car organizer from our wholesale is versatile and you can collect all sorts of things. Whether for drinking, food or toys, such as a colouring book with crayons, in this car organizer you will mountain all the stuff that your child use on the go. Of course it is also convenient to store just a few cables or other goodies in the organizer. Are you curious about this model? The most important things down below:

  • Equipped with tablet holder
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for children
  • Your car is always tidy
  • Easy fitting and removing
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