baby carrier


Baby carrier

In ancient times the mother had little choice, the baby could not be left safely at home and had to be taken anywhere. Carrying at the arm was awkward and soon the baby carrier was invented. Even today the carrier offers many benefits. Of course, the baby carrier from our wholesaler has many extras.

Order the baby carrier now in our wholesale

A baby carrier for a baby has many advantages:

    • Interaction between parent and child
    • The proximity are better recognize signals
    • Stimulation of the brains of baby
    • To promote the baby's vestibular

The baby carrier from our wholesale is therefore a must for all parents. Of course, it is also for the parents of now particularly practical in order to be able to transport the child in this way in a baby carrier. Both hands can be kept free and may also pay sufficient attention to the environment, the carrier of the baby. The baby carrier for babies from our wholesale is particularly comfortable for both the child and the wearer. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable, so everybody has the correct position for carrying the child can adjust quickly. Of course, the closure is safe, so nothing can happen to the precious cargo you carry. This carrier for babies can be used for babiess with an age of up to 24 months and can be set for different carrying positions. With the handy storage bag, you can always take small, necessary stuff.

Specifications of the baby carrier from our wholesale

The baby carrier from our wholesale characterized by a number of things that we want to show you at a glance:

      • Material: cotton / polyester
      • Suitable for 0 to 24 months
      • Adjustable shoulder straps
      • Safety Catch
      • Adaptable to different carrying positions
      • Handy pouch
      • Extremely comfortable for mother and child

Do yourself and your baby a favor with this beautiful baby carrier!

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