Baby monitor with camera


Baby monitor with camera

This baby monitor from our wholesale has so many possibilities that parents will sleep without having to worry about their child. Parents of newborn babies would love to sit the whole night next to the bed of their little one. There are so many things that you what to if your baby is doing well. This baby monitor can handle a lot of things for parents. There is of course a camera with which you can watch your baby. The sound volume can be adjusted so you can hear the sounds of your baby best. Due to the integrated speaker it is also possible to respond reassured.

Order the baby monitor with camera at the wholesale

The camera includes automatic night vision. Also the temperature in the room is constantly being monitored. A playful extra is that the baby monitor can play 8 different lullabies. Ideal when your child can't fall asleep. The baby monitor with camera out of our wholesale can be set up in several languages. Go and work in the kitchen, while your watching your baby or sleep with the sounds of your child next to you with this baby monitor with camera out of our wholesale.

Specifications of the baby monitor with camera out of our wholesale

When you choose for the well fitted baby monitor you of course want to know more about the model. Some characteristics of the baby monitor with camera out of our whole sale down below:

  • Adjustable volume
  • 8 lullabies
  • Can also transmit sound
  • Temperature meter
  • 2.0 inch coloured screen
  • Works on batteries/transformator on DC
  • Range inside 160 ft/50 m/ Range outside 850 ft/260 m
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