Back stretcher - prevent or relieve back pain

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Back stretcher - prevent or relieve back pain

Back pain is definitely a welfare disease also. Often we suffer from it because our posture is wrong for a long time. The back pain is then caused by tension of the back muscles. The back stretcher of the wholesale will be the answer then. The muscles in the back must remain in motion to remove this pain by tension. The back stretcher ensures the right way of moving. The back stretcher can be used at home, but it is also suitable for professionals like physical therapists. The model is compact and not very heavy and can also be easily stored.


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You probably also know the feeling, nothing seems to be wrong and suddenly your back starts to hurt. That kind of back pain is very common and is particularly annoying. Moving becomes difficult, and sleeping is often more tiresome than relaxing. The background of this back pain is moving wrong or a wrong posture when working. With a back stretcher you can relieve this back ache faster. But prevention is better than healing. Try to remove the causes of the back pain and always use the back strainer regularly, also if you have no complaints at the moment.

Specifications of the back stretcher from our wholesale

Back pain is very annoying and will hinder you in moving normally. It is therefore important to prevent it. The back stretcher from our wholesaler makes sure you will relax the muscles in your back. It is therefore good to use this item regurlarly to take good care of your back.

  • Increases your range of motion and flexibility
  • Can prevent or relieve back pain
  • Easy in use
  • Provides an improved posture
  • Adjustable and light in weight
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