BBQ starter


BBQ starter - fire starter on butane - gas burner

With this BBQ starter out of our wholesale you can start every BBQ. The burner burns gas and it puts pressure on the knob so the fire comes out just like a fighter jet. This gas burner is also an essential tool for every do-it-yourselfer. The tool is multifunctional. With a maximum temperature of 1300℃ you can even solder pipe joints. The gas burner is of course also capable of doing other plumbing work. Because you can put the gas burner out of our wholesale at different settings, it's also capable of thawing frozen pipes.

Order the BBQ starter at the wholesale

Because the BBQ starter is so multifunctional, it needs to be very safe. It can be used at big as well as small jobs. That's why it has a special security system which protects against flashovers. So you can use the gas burner at hobby's, such as model building, or even in the kitchen. Professional chefs daily make crème brulee with this handy tool. The way it works is very simple. So a BBQ starter is not only handy to start your BBQ. Amateur and professionals can use this handy tool in all kinds of ways.

Specifications of the BBQ starter out of our wholesale

This burner can be used in all kinds of different ways, mostly because of the divers capabilities of this tool. These are the most important characteristics of the BBQ starter out of our wholesale:

  • Material: ABS + aluminium
  • Inside diameter: 10 mm
  • Works with butane gas
  • Ca. 20 cm x 6 cm
  • Adjustable flame
  • Maximum of 1300 ℃
  • In black and orange

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