Belt pouch with special smartphone case


Belt pouch with special smartphone case

Today, some things are almost indispensable when you're outdoors. Of course, a mobile is really a must to have with you. But it is often difficult to find room for all those things. Especially if you exercise for example. Then a belt pouch is a great option. This handy belt pouch from the wholesaler is really a product of our times.


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This model is in fact equipped with a special smartphone case that protects your phone at times when you're busy out. Both at the outside and on the inside there is room for your phone. But apart from the smartphone case this belt pouch is also very useful for other vital issues. Just think about your keys, wallet or card holder. The model is very convenient to take along on trips. There is a special pocket for your ID card and your passport is of course easily be stowed in the belt pouch. The belt pouch has a very practical closure, so you can quickly get your important stuff and still trust that the bag is properly sealed and maintained.


Specifications of the belt pouch from our wholesale

The bag material is very suitable for activities such as jogging, hiking or cycling. The fabric is waterproof and protects the contents from shocks. Of course, this smartphone case can also be carried elsewhere than on the hip, think of a jacket when fishing. The required ring is not included. The colors in which the belt pouch supplied match the tough exterior of the bag. Do you go for beige or black?


  • Compact size
  • With special smartphone case at the outside
  • Waterproof and shock resistant materials
  • Handy compartment for pen or flashlight
  • Easy to attach
  • Adjustable strap
  • Available in black or beige
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