The binocular out of our wholesale will surprise nature lover with its sharpness, but there are a lot of other uses. For example, enjoy the wonderful sight on vacation with this handy and compact binocular. Take it with you while sailing to look at the shores, or when you are a bit further from home, to spot dolphins. You can easily take this binocular wherever you want thanks to its compact format.

Order the binocular at the wholesale

The binocular out of our wholesale will accompany you with all kinds of occasions, going on vacation, spot airplanes or even hunting. The binocular can be easily adjusted. You can move the lenses away from each other but also towards each other. This makes the binocular out of the wholesale very compact. The button which enables this feature is the button in the middle. Due to the handy cord, you can hang the binocular around your neck when hiking, for example. So you have your binocular with you but you can still use your hands. The lenses themselves can be adjusted at the end of the binocular. This can be done with both lenses separately, so you can adjust the binocular to a setting which works best with your eyes. With the binocular out of our wholesale, you will see everything sharper.

Specifications of the binocular out of our wholesale

The weight of the binocular is mostly determined by the photosensitivity and the construction of the model. The binocular characterizes in a few ways:

  • Yingyan
  • Beautiful, covered colour
  • With night vision
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable
  • 40 x 60 binocular zoom
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