Bluetooth receiver


Bluetooth receiver

Are you looking for a multifunctional gadget for calling handsfree? Are you interested in a device  you can connect to a speaker so you can listen to music from your smartphone or tablet? Then this Bluetooth receiver and Bluetooth adapter could be a smart choice. You just put it into an external speaker and then you can listen to the music you have stored in your smartphone’s  playlist. The Bluetooth receiver has a ten meter range. By using the multifunction button at the top you can access all functions.


Order the Bluetooth receiver now in our wholesale

If you listen to music and a call comes in, the music automatically stops and starts again when your conversation has ended.  Calling handsfree  is easy; by pushing the button once, you accept an incoming call and by pushing twice you start a conversation. Beneath the multifunction button you see a LED indicator and you also find the built-in microphone.  Now you can call handsfree  in your car and listen to music while you lean back in your lounge chair. This handy, compact and affordable bluetooth receiver from our wholesale company makes it all possible.


Specifications of the Bluetooth receiver from our wholesale

  • The dimensions of this handy gadget from our wholesale are 50 x 22 x 14.3 mm
  • With its 3.5 mm plug you plug it into a speaker
  • You can charge this bluetooth receiver with the charging cable with micro USB connector we supply for free
  • The range of the Bluetooth receiver is about 10 meters
  • This bluetooth receiver has an output of 800-900 W
  • This Bluetooth receiver is ideally suited for use in your car.
  • By operating  the multifunction button you switch from calling handsfree to  listening to music.
  • In handsfree mode, the music pauses when a call comes in
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