Boxing gloves


Boxing gloves

Your boxing gear is not complete without a pair of these gloves. They are used in Thai boxing amongst other fighting sports. These gloves are designed to give optimum protection to the hands and fingers. And of course that is what you want in such a hard sport. This boxing gear is indispensable if you want to practice this sport, whether it be at the level of an amateur or a professional.


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Do  you like to work  on your fitness and do you have already boxing gear to train at home ? Then you should not do without this  pair of boxing gloves from the wholesalers. Perhaps you have seen a match in Thai boxing on TV or in the gym even. Then you know that boxing gear both in training and competition must meet the highest quality standards. Thai boxing is a combination of speed and power, and also the training is of course based thereon. If you want to train for speed and want to protect your hands and fingers from damage, you should use these gloves. Do not run the risk of injuring your hands during training but just get the right boxing gear. Of course, these gloves also great to spar with.


Specifications of the boxing gloves from our wholesale

Are you soon going to focus on this sport or do you exercise it already? It is important that you have got the right boxing gear. As in other sports you need to use the right equipment, in addition to specific competencies that you need to have. With these gloves you will be prepared for a match in the ring.

  • White
  • Approximately 22 x 12 cm
  • One size fits all
  • Suitable for MMA and Thai boxing example
  • Made of PU leather and foam
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