Boxing pads for your hand


Boxing pads for your hand

Boxing is a very variable sport and you therefore can do a lot can do a lot of different exercises. It is important you always use the right tools. Thus, it is necessary to choose a good protection for your hands, for example. This can be done by using boxing gloves, but also with these boxing pads. Actually, these boxing pads are used much like boxing gloves. The difference is that here it revolves around a thick plate, while boxing gloves protect your whole hand. The boxing pads therefore create more protection in a certain part of the hand.


Order the boxing pads now in our wholesale

You can attach these handy boxing pads very easily, thanks to special apertures for the fingers. With the Velcro on the wrist  the boxing pads can be put tighter  to prevent these  to fall from your hand.. The  boxing pads are thus as comfortable and fitting as boxing gloves. The model is made of PU leather and padded with foam, allowing it to absorb the blows of the counterparty very good. The  boxing pads are lightweight, so you actually will hardly notice you're wearing these while you're very well prepared for boxing. If you only use boxing gloves, you can vary much less than if you have this pad. Order it in our wholesale today.


Specifications of the boxing pads from our wholesale

These boxing pad  from our wholesale are obvious  a must for anyone who loves boxing, any kind of it. The model is available in two colours, so you can simply choose your favourite colour and your counterpart too. The pad is a good alternative for boxing gloves.

  • Made of PU leather and foam
  • Suitable for all kinds of boxing
  • Easy to use
  • Special openings for the fingers
  • Adjustable using Velcro
  • In red or black
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