Camera shoulder strap / lanyard


Camera shoulder strap / lanyard

Do you want your camera or action camera to be available in no time? With the camera shoulder strap from our wholesale you can feel like a cowboy who routinely takes his camera out for the important picture. If you are a professional or an amateur, it will only take you a few seconds to take the picture you are looking for. In that case it’s important to have a camera shoulder strap so you don’t lose time.

Order the camera shoulder strap now in our wholesale

The shoulder strap from our wholesale isn’t only made for speed but it is also comfortable and adjustable. In this way you will take your precious device safely with you without being interrupted in your movements. This shoulder strap is designed so it binds itself around the body so it fit nicely. Because of the safe connection you don’t need to worry that your precious camera gets lose and thereby will be damaged. As an extra the strap has a small storage compartment. Very handy for important stuff like keys or an extra lens.

Specifications of the camera shoulder strap from our wholesale

This camera shoulder strap from our wholesale ensure that you will always have your camera nearby and that you won’t forget it as soon as you take a break. How often does it happen that you just lay something down on the chair next to you and then you forget it? With this handy shoulder strap that will be gone forever, if you use the camera shoulder strap of course. The specifications of the camera shoulder strap from our wholesale down below:

  • With handy storage compartment
  • Safe connection
  • Easily in length attachable
  • Comfortable while using
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