Camera Shoulder strap


Camera Shoulder strap

With this vintage camera strap out of our whole sale is ideal for carrying your valuable, digital camera. Most photographers would like to carry their cameras always with them, but it is neccesary to keep your hands free when not using the camera. A strap makes this possible. You can hang the strap around your neck, but you can also use it as a shoulder belt.

Order the Camera shoulder strap at the wholesale

Especially when you travel a lot as a photographer, privately or businessly, you can't do without a strap for your camera. The camera strap out of our wholesale can be easily adjusted in height, so the strap can fit everybody. The camera strap out of our wholesale isn't only hip and practical, but also comfortable. The soft material ensures that you also can't feel the camera strap when carrying. So you can carry your camera around while being comfortable.

Specifications of the camera shoulder strap out of our wholesale

The camera strap out of our wholesale isn't only firm and easy to attach, but it is also a trendy version with a lot of vintage paterns. This is of course a playful reference to the time of the hippies. A few characteristics of the camera strap down below:

  • Timeless design
  • Woven design
  • Comfortable while carrying
  • Attach to a ring of 1 cm
  • Adjustable
  • Total length of 141 cm
  • Strap length of 74 cm
  • Width of the strap is 4 cm
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