Car GPS Tracker


Car GPS tracker

The gps tracker in our wholesale allows you to keep track on valuables like your car or your boat from a distance. This provides you an extra security for when your vehicule gets stolen. Of course this tracker can serve many other purposes: you could for example install it on your child's bike to keep track on where he/she is. The modern world is full of threats unfortunately. This tracker can't take them away, but provides an extra security by letting you keep tabs on where your valuables are.

Order the Car GPS tracker in our wholesale

The compact size of the gps tracker can easily be placed in a hidden corner of your car. The subtle install possibilities make this tracker extremely functional. It's also perfect to use on children. Thanks to its light weight, you can take the tracker anywhere without even noticing it. The movement detection alarm goes off when the gps tracker is on the move again. In that way, you can easily track the exact location of the tracker through a map on your smartphone. Choose for the extra security of the gps tracker in our wholesale.

Specifications of the gps tracker from our wholesale

The versability of this gps tracker makes it a very good companion for both commercial as private persons. The gps tracker in our wholesale has the following specifications:

  • Long lasting battery life
  • Only weighs 45g (1,59 oz)
  • 90 x 45 x 13,5 mm (3,54 x 1,77 x 0,53 in)
  • Control light
  • Movement detection alarm
  • GPS sensitivity: 159 dBm
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