Car Pocket Organizer


Car pocket organizer

Did you took a good look in your car? Maybe you were looking for something in your glove box or somewhere else. Sometimes you lose important things, maybe because they rolled under your car seat or because you simply forgot where you put it in your car. The right car accessories can prevent this kind of panic. The design is elegant and fits any dashboard. The sturdy materials make sure that nothing drops from the car organizer. This car accessory can even withstand the bumpiest roads.

Order the car organizer in our wholesale

This car accessory is the perfect place to store your smartphone. Everyone has faced the moment when your phone starts to ring and you don't remember where you've put it. Even when you can't take the call, it's nice to know where you've put your phone. Of course you can store many other items, you don't want to lose in the car organizer, like your (sun)glasses for example. The car organizer can be easily installed in any type of car.

Specifications of the car organizer from our wholesale

The car organizer allows you to store simple small and necessary things in a safe place in your car. The model can be installed anywhere in your car. It's important to make sure the install place is clean and dry before placing the car organizer. This car organizer will make your trips more relaxed. Here are some specifications of the car organizer in our wholesale:

  • Made of polypropylene
  • Handy built
  • Width: 15 cm (5,91 in) x Height: 8 cm ( 3,15 in) x Thickness 1,1 cm (0,43 in)
  • Flexible
  • Can store many different small objects
  • Can be used in any car
  • Sturdy and safe
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