Christmas decorations - cover for toilet lid


Christmas decorations - cover for toilet lid

Perhaps you already use a cover for the lid of your toilet, or perhaps that isn’t yet a custom at home. In the festive period around Christmas everybody needs to cheer up his/her toilet. Use the Christmas decoration from our wholesale for that purpose which is to cheer up the small room which we visit every day. Perhaps you have other Christmas decoration at your toilet in the month December or perhaps this is new to you. Think of the many possibilities and ensure that your guests won’t forget the visit to your with Christmas.

Order the Christmas decoration now in our wholesale

This merry cover is ideal to let your guests smile, not matter if they are young or old. Think of how surprised your guests will be to meet Santa Claus in that spot. In the days around Christmas we all try to make everything a bit more beautiful and cosy than the rest of the year. Don’t forget the toilet in that matter. The Christmas decoration from our wholesale is available in 3 different variants namely a snowman with a black hat, a white snowman and a red themed Santa Claus. Which colour fits your bathroom or toilet best? Finish the festive atmosphere in your house with this Christmas decoration.

Specifications of the Christmas decoration from our wholesale

The practical design of this cover ensures that it always will stay put. The elastic side will make the model fit. Young and old people will be surprised by this merry Christmas decoration.

  • Elastic model
  • 35,5 x 43 cm
  • Made of flannel
  • Three different variants
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