Cornflakes dispenser


Cornflakes dispenser

Do you also like to have breakfast with a cup of milk or yoghurt with cornflakes? Or do you prefer rice crisps or cruesli? Do you, like many, hate half opened packages which fill up do much space and leave a sloppy impression? In that case you can treat yourself on his beautiful cornflakes dispenser. Over here you see the tasty designed dispenser with which you always have the right amount without being sloppy. You put the bowl under the dispenser and you simply turn the button and your breakfast is ready. If you are trying to lose weight this dispenser is ideal. You exactly get the correct amount.

Order the cornflakes dispenser now in our wholesale

The cornflakes dispenser from our wholesale is a handy device which gives you the impression you are having breakfast in a chic hotel. There fits about 500 grams in the device and it is made of high quality plastic. Through the transparent polystyrene cap you can exactly see how much there is left. If you want to serve your breakfast on your bed you can easily take the dispenser with you. You will never suffer from crumbles in your bed. If it's time to fill it up again, you remove the cap and you pour your favourite breakfast cereal in. With this cornflakes dispenser your table will look a lot cosier and neater.

Specifications of the cornflakes dispenser from our wholesale

This chic and user-friendly breakfast cereal dispenser from our wholesale lets you enjoy your cornflakes or cruesli in style.

  • Made of high quality plastic such as, polystyrene, polystyrene and thermoplastic rubber.
  • Has a capacity of about 500 grams of breakfast cereals
  • Easy to fill and easy to dose
  • Dimensions: 41 x 32,5 x 19 cm
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