Crafter HD Polarized sunglasses


Crafter HD Polarized sunglasses / glasses with polarized glass

On sunny days we can hardly live without a good pair of sunglasses. By protecting our eyes from the sun, we can see better, but there it has way more purposes. Our eyes are also protected against UVA and UVB radiation because of the sunglasses. The polarized glass protects the eyes almost perfectly. Especially while driving, for example, it is important to wear good sunglasses. The sun often reflects on the road and on other vehicles, so you can be blinded as driver. This naturally causes dangerous situations, which you can better avoid. Especially the polarized lens is very suitable in this case.

Order the Crafter HD Polarized Sunglasses now in our wholesale

Of course, the glasses are not only useful and safe for the eyes. These sunglasses also extremely fashionable. The black sunglasses from our wholesale gives your outfit an instant sporty and daring touch. Because the glasses have a natural colour, you can see the setting very clear. You need to make less effort in order to look clearly and thus you also get less tired. Those who enjoy the water, must also use polarized sunglasses. If you go sailing, fishing or just lay on the beach, you don’t suffer from the glare of the water. Enjoy optimally of a day on the water with the polarized glasses from our wholesaler.

Specifications of the Crafter HD polarized sunglasses from our wholesale

Are you curious about these polarized sunglasses for men? The main features the glasses from our wholesaler down below:

    • Lens Height: 4.6cm
    • Lens Width: 7.2cm
    • Glass polycarbonate
    • In black
    • Feet Length: 130 mm
    • Handy case
    • 100% UV400 protection
    • Natural Colour
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