Dashcam Full HD


Dashcam Full HD

Looking for a dashcam for your gadgets collection? This is a beautiful model to sell. A dashcam is a smart camera on the dashboard of the car. Displays images filmed on the situation for the car on the road. This dashcam has many beautiful and clever features which makes this model perfect for any car.

Order the dashcam in our wholesale

Order this handy product in our wholesale. The dashcam is user-friendly and insensitive to errors! Reliable and great to view the captured images later on.

Specifications of the dashcam from our wholesale

    • This dashcam has a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution.
    • The camera has a wide angle lens.
    • The camera has excellent Advanced Photography
    • Features a 2.4-inch LCD screen
    • The images can be viewed during filming.
    • The camera is equipped with a night vision function
    • The camera supports HDMI full HD video transmission
    • The camera supports a TF memory card up to 32 GB
    • The camera is equipped with a motion detection function
    • The camera is equipped with a Seamless cycle recording function
    • The camera is equipped with a G-sensor function
    • Available languages on the dashcam: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese
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The dashcam has a number of functions:

      • A USB port on the side
      • A speaker in the front
      • On and off button on the side
      • Micro SD side slot
      • LED light menu button
      • OK button on the back
      • And a parking button at the backside


        • When using this dashcam, always use a high quality SD card between 4 and 32 GB which can’t damage the dashcam.
        • You can charge the dashcam through the 12v car charger and not through the computer or laptop.
        • Truckers: would you like to use this dashcam in your truck? Then use a converter from 24v to 12v.
        • The dashcam can be used with batteries but in hot conditions it is better to use the camera through the charger.
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