Digital multimeter


Digital multimeter

Are you looking for a reliable and high quality multimeter to do your diode test and to measure your amperage, with AC and DC? Do you want to review the electronic isolation in your walls or devices and are you looking for a good device for a megger test? In that case this digital multimeter from our wholesale offers everything you would like with a few extra options. Use this multifunctional digital multimeter for all electronic measurements wherever you are. The LCD-display always displays clearly and also in the dark the background lighting of your screen ensures that you can always see everything what you measure with the megger test.

Order the digital multimeter now in our wholesale

With this handy and digital multimeter from our wholesale you can for example measure with a megger test the voltage of DC from 200 mV until 600 V. If you want to calculate the voltage of AC this digital meter will do this accurately from 200 V until 600 V. With the megger test you will measure electrical resistance from 200 Ohm until 2000 Ohm. This digital multimeter offers you also the possibility to do other tests such as transistor tests and diode tests. We deliver a comprehensive guide with clear explanations of all measure opportunities. The power is delivered by a 9 V-battery and the digital multimeter will notice you if its batteries need to be replaced.

Specifications of the digital multimeter from our wholesale

Use this compact digital multimeter to measure your voltage, amperage and megger test on your electrical pipelines and devices.

  • Will be delivered with 2 test lead cables and a comprehensive manual
  • This digital multimeter measures the amperage and voltage with AC and DC electricity.
  • Accurate voltage DC: 200 mV until 600 V
  • Accurate voltage AC: 200 V until 600 V
  • Accuracy megger test: 200 Ohm until 2000 Ohm
  • Digital LCD display with background lighting
  • With 9 V- battery
  • Protected against overheating
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