Digital distance meter for 40 meters

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Digital distance meter for 40 meters

For all jobs in and outside the house, a digital distance meter is a must today. The laser meter ensures that you can record the distances perfectly and does not get into trouble later due to an incorrect measurement. The battery of the digital rangefinder has a lifetime of up to 15,000 times, so you are assured of a durable aid during all kinds of architectural or other activities. The laser meter is not only suitable for handy do-it-yourselfers, but also for professionals in the profession.


Order digital distance meter in wholesale

Of course the laser meter of the wholesaler is easy to use and you can use this digital distance meter at the touch of a button. It is only a question of aiming at the point where you want to measure the distance to perfection and you can immediately read that on the clear display. The laser meter can be used in all circumstances. If there is a strong sunlight, it is wise to use a reflector to guarantee a quick measurement. The digital distance meter is lightweight and compact. You will always find a good place for this indispensable piece of tools. Because the laser meter is so good in the hand, it is pleasant to use, even if you use it intensively all day.


Features of the digital rangefinder from our wholesale

With the digital rangefinder from our wholesale you can easily measure distances via laser. You can use the device both outside and inside. Keep in mind that the image is distorted by sunlight. In that case, it is best to use a reflector in combination with the laser meter.

  • Accurate and efficient in use
  • Choice of a variant for 40 meters
  • With anti-slip and particularly durable
  • Accurate to approximately 1.5 mm
  • 20 groups for data storage
  • Battery life up to 15,000 times
  • Works on 2x AA batteries (not included)
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