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Weighing Spoon as an ideal kitchen gadget - your digital spoon scale

A weighing spoon as ideal kitchen gadget! With the digital spoon scale weighing your ingredients becomes very easy. After a few seconds you will know the exact weight of your spices, oil, flour, tea, baking powder, medicine and anything you can think of! No more fumbling with that big kitchen scale for small quantities, it can remain in the cabinet until it is required for large volumes. This compact weighing spoon registers the weight when you need to measure something quickly.

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It is very practical to use and works very accurately thanks to the compactness of this digital spoon scale. The dimensions of 228 x 55 x 23mm (8.98 x 2.17 x 0.91 in) make that it fits perfectly in the cutlery tray, so that you always have it within reach.

Specifications of the weighing scoop from our wholesale

You can easily read the weight without any problems thanks to the digital LCD screen. The digital display shows the data directly when it’s available. The spoon is very power efficient as it turns off when it’s not in use in order to save battery. In that way you don’t need to worry about an empty battery for the following use.

The durability of the battery is optimal thanks to this feature and doesn’t need lots of energy to function. Is powered by one CR2032 button cell battery(Attention: no batteries included).

Thanks to the built-in balance correction, you’ll get correct/precise measurements. You’ll get the exact amounts and when you press hold, you can freeze the displayed values to make it clearer and more visible to read.

To save battery the weighing spoon will turn off when you don’t use it for 2 minutes.

The most important specifications of the digital weighing spoon:

  • Turns off after 2 minutes.
  • Sports a magnificent LCD display.
  • Made with ABS plastic
  • Fits in your cutlery tray for easy and quick storage.
  • Easy to take with you and to store.
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions: 228 by 55 by 23mm (8.98 by 2.17 by 0.91 in)
  • Units: g/oz
  • Ecological product

Are you looking for the latest must-have gadget for your kitchen tool collection? This digital weighing spoon suits everyone whether you’re really good in the kitchen or not. This weighing spoon helps everyone.

Cooking has to be fun and that’s possible thanks to this kitchen gadget!

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