Dog combs for care of the skin

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Dog combs, especially for the care of the coat

No dog owner can do without a good set of dog combs. With the set of dog combs (3) from our wholesale company you have the right equipment to optimally arrange care for the coat of your four-legged friend. All dogs need regular brushing regardless of  their coat and the length of the hair. A good set of dog combs is therefore a necessity for the care of the coat.


Order the dog combs now in our wholesale

For the health of your pet a healthy coat is very important. With regular brushing you make sure superfluous hairs are removed so your dog will not get bothered with it. And then you detangle the hair and remove any filths you ensure that his coat stays clean and beautiful. Taking good care of the coat is necessary and with the right tools your dog will like it to. The set of dog combs from the wholesale includes among others a rubber glove which is particularly handy in quickly removing dead hair during moulting. In addition, there are two brushes, one of them with metal ends, and one with soft ends. These brushes can be used to untangle hair. The soft bristles are designed for dogs with longer hair. Make it a habit to do take care of the coat of your dog regularly with this beautiful set of dog combs.


Specifications of the dog combs from our wholesale

The dog combs from the wholesale are suitable for all dogs and puppies. The brushes are designed so the skin in taken care of, the skin will not be damaged. A brushing thus becomes something your dog looks forward to. A few features at a glance:

  • Set of three pieces
  • Suitable for all breeds and ages
  • Also for dogs with long and curly hair
  • Ideal during the moulting
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