Doodle colour mat / Water based colour mat for children


Doodle colour mat / Water based colour mat for children

To keep children busy can sometimes be quite difficult, but the doodle colour mat from our wholesale gets them quiet for hours. That is not surprising, because the colour mat is really fascinating for adults and especially for small children. Fill the magic pen with plain water from the tap and the drawing and painting can begin. Because it is completely water-based, it will not leave nasty stains and the children on the colour mat will be busy colouring with the magic pen. Because the potential for drawing is endless, the colour mat is also good for the development of the child. Challenge them to portray something or give them an object to draw.

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Just make all kinds of colors with water? How is it possible? This pen seems to be magic pen! And of course slow the drawings slowly fade as the water dries up. That makes the colour mat even more special and therefore remains interesting for children. Both boys and girls will this enjoy really well. The colour mat is very easy to carry it with you. So it is not only usable at home but also provides pleasure while traveling or even during a day out. The colour mat from our wholesale is safe and suitable for small children, but even older children can’t resist the fun.

Specifications of the doodle colour mat from our wholesale

The colour mat out of our wholesale will keep the little ones busy for hours. Do you want to know more about this ideal colour mat for children? A few features of this product down below:

    • Suitable for children of about 3 years
    • 29 x 18.5 cm
    • Magic Pen
    • Easy to clean
    • Also suitable for taking it with you
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