dummy camera


Dummy camera 

Sometimes an expensive IP camera might seem like an excessive expense. But the lack of one might give you an unsafe feeling. IP cameras don't only catch unwanted visitors on camera, but also have a preventive function. People with malicious intentions will think twice before doing so when they see a camera. Disabling the cameras is risky and time consuming. There will probably be multiple cameras, which will make disabling the cameras almost impossible. A dummy is a perfect alternative.

Order the dummy camera in our wholesale

The dummy camera in our wholesale can be installed in many places. It can protect your home and your company or office from unwanted visitors. A mayor can also decide to place a dummy camera in certain risk areas in a town or village. The red led light makes the dummy camera seem operational by blinking occasionally. The dummy camera in our wholesale will make everyone feel safer.

Specifications of the dummy camera from our wholesale

The IP camera can be used in- and outdoors. The housing of the camera can withstand all weather conditions. The model can easily be placed on the wall thanks to a handy plate. Thanks to the bendable arm, you can easily place the camera how you want to.

  • 2x AA-battery
  • Red control light
  • Lens of 3,6 mm (0,14 in)
  • For in- and outdoors
  • 17 x 13 cm (6,69 x 5,12 in)
  • Waterproof
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