Ear Cleaner

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Ear Cleaner

Cleaning your ears is not something you usually do every day, but sometimes it is necessary. Otherwise you take the risk that they get clogged and your hearing deteriorates. With this handy earcleaner it is possible to clean your ears without the risk of damaging the ear. Taking good care of hearing is certainly not a luxury. An ear cleaner should be available in every household.


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Our hearing is just like our other senses a very sophisticated and complex system. Normally, this system is completely balanced and it produces just enough wax which will be removed automatically. But sometimes you have to help nature a hand and this is possible with this ear cleaner from wholesalers. Who wants to clean the ears gently should never use sharp objects such as a ballpoint pen or a paper clip. The ear canal is very sensitive and vulnerable. But if it's necessary to clean your ears because they're itching by an excess of earwax for example, you can do this best with the ear cleaner from our wholesale company. The soft cotton swab will take away the excess wax and pushes it is not to be further to the ear canal. Due to the soft materials, you do not take the risk that the sensitive skin in your ear will be damaged while you are cleaning your ears.


Specifications of the ear cleaner from our wholesale

If it is necessary to clean your ears, do it only with a reliable ear cleaner as this model from wholesalers. This ear cleaner is easy to use by its shape and hygienic because you can easily replace the swab. In the handy box you can take along the ear cleaner easily to anywhere.

  • Smart and hygienic swab holder
  • Safe for your ears
  • Swab easily replaced
  • Includes 16 swab
  • Convenient carrying case included
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