earplugs with string


Earplugs with string

Regular exposure to excessive noise can permanently damage your hearing. You often don't notice this before it's too late. In such cases we speak of noise deafness. You can avoid this by wearing the ear protectors in our wholesale, which are very user-friendly and effective.

Order the earplugs in out wholesale

The earplugs in our wholesale are comfortable to wear and easy to apply. The silicon earplugs are worn within the pinna, which guarantees a tight fit and an ultimate protection for your ears against excessively loud sounds. The handy string makes sure you don't lose the earplugs easily when wearing or transporting them. The ear plugs can help you in your free time or at work. Make sure you always have the earplugs in our wholesale with you, so that you're always protected, even in unexpected situations.

Specifications of the earplugs from our wholesale

Do you have to deal with loud noises often? This could be the case when you go hunting regularly or work at a construction sight. Working in a garden can also get very loud, for example when trimming an hedge. Or maybe you just hate the sound of fireworks or need complete silence to concentrate completely on your work. The earplugs in our wholesale will reduce the noise in all these cases.

  • Earplugs in orange
  • Blue string
  • Noise reduction of 25 dB
  • Made with silicons
  • Compact design
  • Washable and reuseable
  • Length string: ca. 65 cm (25,59 in)
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