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Playbulb electric candles / led candles

Candles influence our mood, just like colors. The electric candles with led lights combine the atmosphere created by candles and colors. The led candles have a special extra: you can blow them like real candles. To top it all off, the led candles can also serve as a scented candle thanks to the built-in lavender chip. The extensive choice of colors allows you to make any moment and place cosy. The electric candles can be connected in series, which makes it possible to create beautiful light effects. Amaze and surprise your loved one, friends or acquaintances with these special led candles in our wholesale.

Order the electric candle in our wholesale

The electric candle in our wholesale provides some extra atmosphere on a dark winter or a hot summer night. The model is powered by batteries, which allows you to use it anywhere you want. You can set the colors with your mobile phone. Is it time for romantic red or relaxed blue tonight? The choice is up to you. The built-in timer allows you to change the colors during the entire night. This requires you to install the app Playbulb, which is available in English. It allows you to easily change the settings of the led candles from a distance up to 10 meters ((32,81 ft).

Specifications of the led candles from our wholesale

Do you like to create some extra atmosphere in an easy way? Then you'll definitely enjoy the led candles in our wholesale. Here are some specifications of the model:

  • Blow them like real candles
  • Timer to change colors
  • Lavender chip for scent
  • 4,5 V
  • 3 x AA-battery (not included)
  • 2 months daily use
  • Fire protection
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth smart
  • Wireless reach of up to 10 m (32,81 ft)
  • Led power 30 MW
  • 15 - 20 mA
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