Electric Lighter

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Electric Lighter

The most frequently asked question in the world in perhaps: 'Do you have lighter for me?' With this stylish electric lighter you will never have to say no again. Of course will this beautiful electric lighter not only attract attention because of its design, but it is also practical. Because of the electric ignition it will also work, even outside. You will never experience those moments when you want to light your cigarette but the flame gets blown out by the wind.


Order the electric lighter now in our wholesale

With this electric from our wholesale you are ensured you can light up you cigarette are any other thing you want to light up. Because of its slim and compact format this electric lighter will fit in every pocket or bag. And of course charging is very easy. Say goodbye to these inconvenient things with a flame and a dangerous amount of gas. Choose the safety of an electronic lighter. Put pay attention: this lighter is not suitable to be played with by children. Also pay attention if there is water nearby as this can lead to break down.


Specifications of the electric lighter from our wholesale

If you smoke yourself or if people in surrounding smoke, this electric lighter from our wholesale is a must have tool. Of course you can use this lighter for different purposes such as lighting candles and lighting a nice atmospheric fire in your fireplace. The most important specifications down below:

  • A size of 3,4 x 7,3 x 1,1 cm
  • Weighs about 80 g
  • Electric ignition
  • Available in black, gold and blue
  • Not suitable for children

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