Electric massager

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Electric massager 

Are you familiar with traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture? Are you looking for a device that can help you relax your muscles after a hard day’s work? Maybe you are interested in a compact device that can help you lose some weight. This and many additional possibilities will become available if you choose this compact electric massager from our wholesale. Attach the four pads to the muscles you need to relax or attach them to those areas where you need extra fat metabolism. Or utilise it just like it is done in traditional Chinese medicine and attach them to your meridians. Whatever you are going to do, you will experience its wholesome effects. You can operate it very easily with its compact console, about the same size as a mobile phone.


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You place the 4 pads on those areas where you feel tensed muscles, where you suffer from muscle pain or where you want to lose weight. Your electric massager generates frequent electric pulses that relax your muscles, stimulate your circulation and can even improve your libido in a positive way. This electric massager with its four pads is suitable for use with a variety of massage techniques and when applying traditional Chinese medicine, where its four pads give you the exact same stimulating effect on your meridians as traditional acupuncture needles do. With the console you select pulse frequency and the intensity of the electric pulses, for a deeper penetration. If you are familiar with traditional Chinese medicine, you will be positively surprised by the variety of possibilities this electric massager supplies for making you feel healthy and fit.


Specifications of the electric massager from our wholesale

You can use this electric massager from our wholesale in both western massage and Chinese medicine.

  • Equipped with four pads containing electrodes you attach to your body
  • Comes with a compact console, as small as a mobile phone, to operate all functions
  • It needs three 1.5 V (AAA) batteries
  • Sent in bubble wrap
  • Comes with a manual written in English
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