Ergonomic back support for an office chair

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Ergonomic back support for an office chair

Do you occasionally have physical problems coming home in the evening or do you feel tired and have a headache often? It could be possible your office chair is responsible for this complaints. Try the ergonomic back support from the  wholesale awhile. You should immediately notice if it makes a difference. But even if you have a good feel in your office chair, an ergonomic back support is never a luxury. An office chair is not a piece of furniture which is designed to rest in  comfortably.


Order the ergonomic back support now in our wholesale

All connections of nerves for your entire body run through your spine . It is therefore of utmost importance to take good care of your back to avoid all kinds of complaints. This also means an ergonomic back support in your chair is a sensible tool. The back support of the wholesaler is suitable for almost every office chair and is very easy to install. You're not going to wait until you get complaints before you get your office chair comfortable for  your back, are you? And do not forget that you can concentrate better on your work if you feel the right support in your back. Of course, these ergonomic back support is also suitable for that other chair you sometimes sit in for long hours without realizing it: the driver's seat of your car. Let the ergonomic backrest wholesale also  automatically improve your posture.


Specifications of the ergonomic back support from our wholesale

A back support which fits on virtually any desk and is easy to apply. Why would you wait to install it on all office chairs? The ergonomic back support from the wholesale business will be delivered in neutral black and fits well into any office and on every chair. 

  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Flexible strips for fastening
  • Fits in the car also
  • Made of elastic material
EAM: 3437802014008 
SKU: N049
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