External rear-view mirror

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External rear-view mirror with camera

The feeling of safety while driving increases significantly when the driver has a clear view on what's going on behind him. The human eyes don't suffice, no matter how good a person's view is. A well placed camera allows you to see everything you need clearly and reverse park safely. Also in other road or highway situations, the camera is an essential safety tool, given the present traffic situation. Changing lanes for example can really test a drivers skills and requires a clear view of the traffic stuation. The external rear-view mirror in our wholesale makes driving a lot safer.


Order the external rear-view mirror in our wholesale

The wireless car-kit in our wholesale functions in rainy and sunny weather conditions. The image is always crisp and clear. The mirror offers you a 150 degrees view. The special nightvision feauture allows you for example to reverse park safely, even at night. The advantage of this wireless set is more than just the easy placement. After installing the kit, you can easily remove it afterwards to place it in another car. The external rear-view mirror in our wholesale can be used while driving for private and commercial purposes. Especially for those who drive a lot, this wireless car-kit is a useful tool.

Specifications of the external rear-view mirror in our wholesale

On the screen of this external rear-view mirror in our wholesale, you get an excellent image with sharp colors. The most important specifications of this model:

  • Screen of 4.3 inches
  • Waterproof camera
  • Easy to install
  • 2.4 GHz
  • View angle of 150 degrees
  • Monitor: 160 g (5,64 oz)
  • White balance
  • Comes with wireless sender and reciever
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