Fast Dual USB Car Charger with Low voltage warning / Universal USB car charger


Fast Dual USB Car Charger with Low voltage warning / Universal USB car charger

On the way in the car charging multiple devices? also Is it you always think the battery in your device at the same time runs out? ACreate just when you're in the car? Then the dual USB car charger from our wholesale is the solution. Now you can at ease example, charging a tablet and mobile phone simultaneously while you're driving. Of course, the USB charger into any modern vehicle used is suitable for all phones that can be charged via a USB cable. The clear display ensures you can clearly see what is happening. Of course the USB charger is also protected against short circuit and overload, so nothing can go wrong with your precious possession.

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The USB charger from our wholesale looks stylish and is also lightweight. So you can take it anywhere USB charger. So you can perhaps another advantage the possibility of this handy item. Because there are two USB ports can be used simultaneously with this USB charger, the device is suitable for multiple devices. The operating mode is simple: you have the dual car charger only to be connected to the cigarette lighter that is present in your car

Specifications of the car charger from our wholesale

To to charge the battery on the road of your phone or tablet, this car charger is indispensable. Your devices can be charged with this USB charger while you are driving. When you are on your destination, your phone or tablet can again just for it! Some specifications of the model:

  • Made of white with black
  • Input: 12 - 18 V
  • Output 5 V 3.4 -
  • Made of ABS
  • Two USB ports
  • 51.4 x 30.3 x 11.7 cm
  • Protected against short circuit / overload
  • Cigarette Charger
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