Fishing line white


White fishing line - for any fishing rod

Everyone who loves fishing will confirm that the quality of the fishing line is one of the most important things in catching fish or not. You can find a super strong nylon fishing line in our wholesale. You'll catch any fish when putting this line on your rod. The discovery of the nylon fishing line only came in 1958, but was an immediate success. The nylon fishing line has huge advantages over the traditional lines in terms of flexibility and traction force. Nylon made fishing a whole lot easier because the material supports more than any other fishing line. The line doesn't break easily because of mistakes and knots can easily be fixed with this material. It also functions as a shock absorber.

Order the fishing line in our wholesale

The length of the fishing line in our wholesale is 500 m. You can easily cut the fishing line to fit your desired length. Make sure you don't lose parts of the fishing line when doing this. When dropping remains of the line in the water or on the bank, animals could get trapped in it. Because of its white color, the fish won't notice the line in the water. The transparent color hides the wire and will make the fish bite the bait faster.

Specifications of the fishing line from our wholesale

Of course there's no fishing line to catch any type of fish. You as a an angler will have to choose which type of fishing line suits your way of fishing best. The fishing line in our wholesale is extremely strong and can be placed on many types of fishing rods. Whether it's a regular rod or a throwing fishing rod, you can easily resize the line to any rod. Here are some specifications of the fishing line:

  • Length: 500 m (1640,40 ft)
  • Strong and flexible
  • Doesn't break easily
  • Transparent color
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