Fitness elastic / training elastic


Fitness elastic / training elastic

To stay in shape you have to train and exercise in these stressful times. But alwasy choose an efficient manner to do so. You can with this training elastic from wholesalers. You can have a good work out everywhere without needing much room. The fitness elastic from our wholesale company is suitable for various exercises, both to make the muscles more flexible and for strength training. The training elastic is meant for men and women.

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By making use of this elastic fitness you can intensify various exercises. Certain yoga exercises can be performed faster and more effective with the use of this training elastic.  Due to the length of this training item you can really a train all muscle groups extra. The various exercises that are possible can be found on the Internet anywhere.  With this training elastic  from wholesale a workout will be exiting again and much more effective. The convenient handles will give a very good grip. This is an ideal component to start exercising. Of course you can expand the workouts you are doing already using this item with additional exercises.

Specifications of the fitness elastic from our wholesale

This fitness elastic from our wholesale is suitable for all kinds of exercises. You  will have therefore a very wide range of ecercises to choose from . Would you train your biceps or just pay attention to your leg or back muscles? With this handy training elastic is it all possible. In addition, you can do your exercises at each location. There is always room for to carry out exercises and in addition it is is of course to bring along easy because the item is so compact. 

  • Available in black and red
  • Length of 120 cm
  • Suitable for various types of exercises
  • Also used in yoga
  • Both men and women
  • With convenient handles
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