Fitness gloves - Unisex sportswear


Fitness gloves - Unisex sportswear

The fitness gloves from our wholesaler are specially designed to make sports more enjoyable. This sportswear is aimed at your comfort, which means it is  comfortable and also adds something. At the gym you often use sports accessories, such as dumbbells. The fitness gloves are fitted with anti-slip so you have better grip on everything you grab. This sportswear is designed to be worn by men and women. Colours and design are easy to combine with your other sportswear an trainingsuits. 


Order the fitness gloves now in our wholesale

The sportswear from our wholesaler is uniseks. Both men and women will enjoy this sporty fashion. The items are available in three sizes, so you can always find a suitable pair. In addition, you have the choice of three different colours, blue, red or dark gray. Make up your mind quickly so you can start using fitness gloves in your favorite colour. The material breaths, ensuring comfort even when exercising heavy. In many sports and fitness training, fitness gloves are not luxurious but a real must. The wholesaler has the right pair for you also. Never start exercising without these anymore. 


Specifications of the fitness gloves from our wholesale

Fitness has become an important part of way of life for many people in this hectic era. The wholesale offers you sportswear which is practical and beautiful. Except elegant, these fitness gloves are also very efficient to protect your hands and avoid unnecessary wounds or injuries. The right grip can make the difference between a good training or an unpleasant injury, do not take any risk and go for high quality sportswear.

  • Anti slip for better grip
  • Made of breathing material
  • Available in red, blue and dark gray
  • Easy to pull on and off
  • Unisex design
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