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Flash Drive 32GB - USB flash drive - external storage

Do you want to travel occasionally as many photos your mobile memory is short? Do you need extra capacity for music or exciting films? Or do you have many files on your Mac is that it slowly starts to become? On this USB flash drive can easily information from your smartphone, tablet or PC are saved. Because the space is a whopping 32 GB, can quite some files are put on. Through a simple app you can easily convert files on the stickje from your iPhone or iPad. Then plug the flash drive into your laptop and you can set it as your computer. It can also be reversed, for example you put music on the flash drive, plug it into your iPhone, and then you can listen to good music without the whole iPhone is full of music!

Order the Flash Drive now in our wholesale

Of course you want to know if this flash drive 32 GB of our wholesaler for all to use your devices. The model works with iOS but can also easily be made compatible for Mac or PC. This can be a handy interface. The USB flash drive of our wholesale in brief:

  • 32GB
  • external storage
  • Easy file sharing
  • Support for encryption of files
  • Suitable for various audio / video / images formats
  • No power supply required
  • 53 x 22 x 7 mm
  • Suitable from IOS 8.0

Specifications of the Flash Drive from our wholesale

The flash drive 32 GB of our wholesale is available in four colors, namely black, silver, pink and gold. This is ideal when you need multiple USB sticks. This way you can easily keep them apart and choose a color for certain stocks. Of course it is also practical in the workplace: so it is clear which of USB's who. With an external storage you can easily exchange files whether safe. In addition, you can link it easily again from the device where you are connected. This is especially useful if you just want to give a video or an audio file with someone else. The flash drive 32 GB of our wholesale business is very user-friendly.

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