Foldable and portable solar panel - for charging smartphones, GPS devices, etc.


Foldable and portable solar panel - for charging smartphones, GPS devices, etc.

Is the battery of your mobile empty at the most inopportune times? Often it is not easy to quickly find a charging point. With the portable and foldable solar panel from our wholesale you can charge your mobile during the day anywhere you like. You can easily charge all kinds of devices. Think of your GPS. Nevertheless useful when working on the go! Solar energy is, of course, also than a convenient and low-cost solution.

Order the Portable Solar Panel now in our wholesale

Of course, solar panel is ideal during an adventurous trek through nature. They can also easily be attached to a backpack. Thanks to solar power you now always have a well-charged battery with you. There are of course several other occasions where you can use this handy tool powered by solar energy. For example, you spend your free time on or near the water? The solar panel from our wholesale is water resistant and therefore lends itself to such trips. For less adventurous outings it’s a handy charger that solar works naturally always suitable. Maybe you want to take your copy on a bike ride or a picnic, for example.

Specifications of the portable solar panel from our wholesale

Actually, the Portable Solar Panel from our wholesale must be a part of every household where one or more smartphones are used. Charging via solar energy is not only ideal when you're on the go, you can also save money along. A few details:

  • Compact folding: 193 x 110 x 27 mm
  • Open Dimensions: 510 x 194 x 3 mm
  • Lightweight
  • Stress: 5 - 5.5V
  • USB interface
  • 7 Watt
  • Waterproof PVC
  • Solar energy conversion efficiency: 15%
  • Camouflage Colour
  • 0.3 kg
  • Suitable for smart phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, PDA, GPS, etc.
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