Foundation brushes - Set of 5 pieces


Foundation brushes - Set of 5 pieces

A well cared for makeup is the best beginning of a day for most women. But it is important to do it quickly and efficiently. With the makeup brushes from our wholesale it is easy to take care of your makeup to perfection. And of course this foundation brushes also is much more hygienic than if you use your fingers, even if you have washed your hands before applying the makeup. The makeup brushes also look chic, thanks to the combination of a black handle and rose gold top.


Order the foundation brushes now in our wholesale

This is an ideal tool to fast apply a layer that is smooth and complete. With the makeup brushes, it is much easier to apply your makeup. With the set foundation brushes from our wholesale you don't only have effective makeup brushes at your disposal, they are also very beautiful in design. And the special design ensures they fit in hand well and they are very easy to use. Even the most difficult spots are accessible. The hairs are soft and therefore very friendly to your skin. Of course you can carry this makeup brushes also easily anywhere. So you can rely on your favorite foundation brushes anywhere.


Specifications of the foundation brushes from our wholesale

The foundation brushes from our wholesale are efficient in use and ensure you can apply makeup very evenly. With this set you have five different makeup brushes available, so you can easily apply various shades. When you take a different brush for the different hue, you do not risk the colors will run through.

  • Set of five pieces
  • Ideal for foundation
  • Can also be used for powder makeup
  • Black with rose gold
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Classic look
  • Different sizes
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