French Fries Cutter / vegetable cutter


French Fries Cutter / vegetable cutter

Useful kitchen tools are indispensable in the kitchen! They make cooking and the preparation easier and ensure a quick cooking session. An ideal kitchen tool to have in your kitchen closet is the fries cutter / vegetable cutter. With this tool you can easily cut a potato in the form of fries. But vegetables can be easily prepared as well with this vegetable cutter!

Self-made fries within a few seconds! Who would not want that? So make sure to add this handy kitchen tool to your collection!

Order the French Fries Cutter / vegetable cutter in our wholesale

Order the fries cutter / vegetable cutter in our wholesale. An indispensable item in any kitchen!

Specifications of the fries cutter / vegetable cutter from our wholesale

The fries cutter is made of PVC and stainless steel. A compact and particularly useful gadget for the kitchen. The tool is easy to use so you will for instance have French fries in a snap!

The dimensions of this handy cutter chips are 17.5 cm by 10.5 cm (6.89 by 4.13 in). The weight of the kitchen tool is only 56 grams (1.98 oz), which makes it easy to carry!

Also ideal for vacation when you go camping for example.

Prepare quickly and make your own vegetables and tasty fries easily with this fries cutter! A nice gift for yourself but also for anyone else who likes French fries or could use some help in the kitchen!

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