Gaming Headphone / Headset


Gaming Headphone / Headset

Looking for a good gaming headset or headphones? The gaming headphones from Ausdom are a lovely and very qualitative gadget for gamers. With a diameter of 40mm (1.57 in) the speakers provide excellent sound! A stereo sound with a good beat will really immerse you into the game!

The ear pieces of gaming headphones are made from a comfortable and soft fabric so that the headphones gives a comfortable feeling while worn. Even after being worn for hours, the headset will still be comfortable.

It is not a heavy headset but rather very lightweight. The gaming headset is also equipped with a long cable, a built-in microphone and a good audio quality with mega beats!

On the side are extendable pieces to ensure that everyone can adjust the headphones on his or her head. Because of the flexible materials this headset will hurt less!

Order the Gaming Headset in our wholesale

Order this durable gaming headphone in our wholesale. A nice product for a full range of headsets and gaming accessories.

Specifications of the gaming headset from our wholesale

    • The frequency range of the headset. 16 - 100,000 Hz
    • Impedance of headset: 32 Ohm
    • The headset Sensitivity: 107 dB
    • Nominal power of the headset. 20 mw
    • This headset is suitable for your PC.
    • Equipped with 3.5 mm (0.14 in) jack.

With these sturdy headphones you enjoy playing games with of the stereo sound. Immerse yourself further into the game! Since this headset is not heavy, you will forget you're wearing a headset. Ideal in every way!

Order these gaming headphones now in our wholesale!

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